If there is anything else I like about Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, it’s the art.

So I dedicate today’s post to just talk about the game’s art, specifically the Survivors.

Now, in the game, you are able to collect parts first before you’re able to save the survivors. And trust me, they come very handy since they are actually set to support you in the game.

Plus, they each have this function that will surely help boost you as you continue to face harder sectors.

But that’s the only paragraph that I’ll have for the gameplay ha ha ha, sorry, it’s the gamer in me.


So the art style is just really alluring, that at first glance you know it’s meant to get the players to save them for more than one reason.

Just look at her! She’s hot and you want to just take her home and do stuff. Yes, stuff.

The artist definitely knows what the client wanted when they are asked to create this lovely piece of art with how she’s posed, how she looks at you, and its just…its….

Caption is from Gigguk’s video.

Everything about the art for the characters in the game are really aesthetic too.

I’m actually hoping they have some CG’s to be unlocked in the game, it’ll be great for wallpapers on both my PC and phone.

And it’ll be great if the Survivors have a gallery inside the game with better resolution that I can save on my phone once I get them. It’ll definitely be something I’d work for apart from the support and such.

But that’s me.

How about you? Have you saved any of the Survivors yet? Comment below and let’s talk about it!

So far I have both the agent and the nurse.

New to this blog and haven’t heard about the current game I’ve been playing? Then click the link below to download the game for yourself!

Game: Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital


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