Anime Tournaments Coming to Life

Imagine a world where all the anime tournaments comes to life. Imagine Boku no Hero Academia Sports Festival, Pokemon League, Naruto’s Chunin Exams, Food Wars, and all those over the top competitions that you don’t see in every day tournaments.

Right now, there are Esports competitions that have 3D dragons showing up in the Worlds Finals 2017, and special movie intros that shows each team, or an Olympic-like entrance.

Although each of these are spectacular in it’s own way, it still lacks the wow factor that people can only see on Anime or Movies. With Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones Season 8 showing amazing visuals that are made possible by sleepless nights, and the blood sweat and tears of everyone in the team that made epic battles to give us something to watch.

But is it possible?

One of the games that start to appear in esports is TCG/CCG like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and of course…


Yes, this game that has produced amazing memes, and plenty of nostalgic memories, and possibly one of the best World-Tournament Building that stays with people.

Now imagine a TCG Finals tournament where Dark Magician comes to life like they do in the movies. You see a hologram of your deck fighting against the other player’s deck. This one is definitely possible with where we are in terms of holograms.

But what about robot fighting tournaments?

With the movie Alita: Battle Angel coming out early this year, we have been greeted by the amazing Motorball tournament that shows yet another amazing visuals and World-Tournament Building. But the Motorball would probably happen 10 years from now (probably). What can happen now is something that has been happening lately…

Medabots. Real Steel.

GJS Robot says it themselves,

“Bringing Real Steel to Real Life”

With the help of their partner, (WCG) World Cyber Games, these two will bring robot fighting into the world of esports as a new and outstanding tournament to come in the real world. Robot fighting has been happening everywhere so it’s nothing new. Megabots, Giant Robots, Robot Wars Gladiator, Robo-One Championships in Tokyo, and many more are happening around the globe.

World Cyber Games aren’t just bringing to life real Mecha tournaments, their New Horizons division is also cooking up AI Exclusive tournaments, and Virtual Reality games.

From this list alone, it looks like New Horizons maybe the answer to Anime Tournaments coming to life in the future.

And if they are looking for ideas, I have a lot here, and I’m ready to pitch it to them!


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