Why I Probably Won’t Survive a Zombie Outbreak

Let’s be real. Most zombie fans would probably be food for zombies instead of being hardcore zombie killing machines.

I recall having a conversation with my brother about being in a zombie apocalypse once. He went ahead and said, “I’d be an awesome zombie killer!” and I just replied with no hesitation…

“I’d be an awesome zombie—“

Yes, I’m so clumsy zombies would be too slow to get to me before I end up killing myself one way or the other. Once dead, I’d be a zombie, and probably be a better zombie than I am human.

So as much as I am a zombie fan, I’m not so sure a zombie breakout is for me.

Instead, I’m quite satisfied with watching zombies on YouTube gameplays with Pewdiepie and Markiplier, binge watch movies and series, and play them on games.

It’s probably why I’m gonna turn into a literal zombie playing Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital. The AR Fist Person Shooter gameplay is just the right amount of zombie reality I can survive in. It is also a good reminder that I won’t survive a zombie apocalypse or epidemic since real life just doesn’t have a reset button, or a resurrection option.

What about you?

Will you survive a zombie outbreak?


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