Are White Walkers Zombies?

Game of Thrones the final season is close, and people are already hyped, and trying to come to terms with life that this is the last season (cries in Valyrian).

And we all know by now that White Walkers finally arrived in Westeros, and are most likely the final boss and real enemy of the series.

Will the living finally join forces and fight them without killing each other?

But most importantly…

Are White Walkers… ZOMBIES?

Lets ask the basic zombie questions.

Are they undead?

Yes. And no.

YES because most of them are killed and that they came back to life. And NO, because not all zombies “died” and came back to life. The basic zombie is the dead coming back to life. But zombies changed overtime, and you can’t put them in one big bowl and give them all one rule.

For example in Resident Evil, some of the boss zombies are more monsters with a tiny bit of humanity still in them. And White Walkers are similar to them in a way that they are smarter, and aren’t just dumb zombies.

How did they turn?

In GoT the TV series, fans know that there are methods on turning the living into a white walker. One in particular is this ritual like method where they take a baby and just turn them with something akin to magic. Others gets killed, and then they come back to life as white walkers. Then there’s this wide range effect where the king just raise the dead. And others are touched, just like the dragon.

Do they walk?

Because White WALKERS, right? This is why there are memes of White Walkers with The Walking Dead.

Not all zombies walk. In Left 4 Dead, they run, jump at you, then kill you. Similar to some evolved zombies in Resident Evil. Another example would be the zombies in World War Z, where they even create a leaning tower of zombies. Train to Busan also has running zombies. But the common zombies pop culture knows is that they walk slow and groan lifelessly, searching for brains.

In Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, they run, crawl (sometimes even without limbs, like worms), appear out of nowhere, wear helmets, wear masks (masks that can still bite you btw), and they come in all shapes and sizes too!

The list goes on…

And the point is that zombies are different, even in origins.

In conclusion: White Walkers, being mostly undead, smart or not, are zombies.


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