5 Horror Mobile Games That Will Get Your Skin Crawl

Mobile games are rampant in Southeast Asia, especially with MOBA like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Clash Royale that has been recently announced as an official game in the World Cyber Games tournament.

But what does that say about horror fans?

With the #MomoChallenge causing the internet to cower, fear, and apparently causing kids to commit suicide. Even if it is just a hoax, Momo still haunts most of the people who has seen what she looks like; the #MomoChallenge is said to have started in a game found in WhatsApp.

Having that said, with Momo being a hoax and all, where can horror game fans find a game that is just as scary, or probably even better?

Here are 5 Horror Mobile Games That Will Get Your Skin Crawl

5. Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel]

As a Visual Novel, most horror fans doesn’t feel scared about this game at first glance. It has an anime feel on the art style, and it’s not even the horror anime feel that usually appeals to most horror fans.

But Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors is not as innocent as it looks. The story is compelling and the characters are amazing. This is the type of game that focuses purely on story and characters to tell a scary story.

Since it’s a visual novel, the choices you make decides the ending you get!

Trust me, this game will surprise you.

4. Eyes – The Horror Game

You break into the mansion at night, and it’s huge and built like a maze.

Then you try to escape, but a monster is after you!

Eyes is a horror game that is probably what most fans look for in the genre. The game is pretty solid and you can even create custom monsters to be the one after you when you try to escape. It’s a horror survival game with scary graphics that makes it feel like your in a horror movie as one of the protagonists.

The game is most likely called EYE because you can use a mystical Eye rune to see through the monster’s vision.

But who knows? It might mean more than that. And the only way to know is to try it out yourself!

3. Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital

A first-person shooter where you play as a journalist who lost a bet to check out the abandoned hospital surrounded by creepy rumors of weird screams and strange lights. The protagonist, who you play, ends up getting taken by this creepy guy to get you to play this weird game.

Then you start exploring and found out that the game involves zombies.

A lot of zombies.

The story in the game is good enough, and the soundtrack puts the eeriness well. But what makes Death Hospital scary is the fact that it’s an Augmented Reality game that makes you as the player literally point your phones frantically in different places! The tension in this game is just seriously nerve wracking that you feel like you’re in the game yourself. It’s scary good too since the realism in gameplay introduces slow reloads, reaction time, and a lot more.

Players can’t just kill a zombie with 1 shot to the head either. Headshots are important, but you have to shoot elsewhere strategically if you don’t want the zombies to overwhelm you.

In harder levels of the game, you have to look 360 degrees because zombies will comes out of every corner, and they just keep on coming.

This game is new, but it’s already doing a good job to scaring gamers.


A puzzle game where you have to click around and figure out the abandoned house in your neighborhood.

You start in front of the house with curiosity drawing you inside.

10 years ago, a family with a child stayed in that house for a while. After they moved out though, nobody has since lived there. But it seems that you saw someone inside.

Usually, you avoid scary houses for good reasons all horror fans knows to be a bad idea. But it’s a game, so we do it anyways.

Inside you are faces with the scariest sound effects that will make you look around your own house and wonder if it’s happening in real life. When a game makes you question reality, you know it’s good.

The images involves grotesque images like blood and creepy dolls, shadows that suddenly move, images that tricks your mind, and other things that will make you just want to quit halfway because it gets THAT scary. Momo who? Yep. That’s what this game makes you feel.

Once you piece the puzzles, you discover scarier things about the house and the family that lived here. Solving the mystery, and soon getting to the ending where you learn about something you wish you didn’t.

1. The Letter

Take everything good and great that you found in the games and mentioned so far, and then put it in this one game.

The Letter is visually stunning, divine story, 7 amazing characters that you can play differently, fully animated sprites, voiced characters, crazy scary music, and so much more.

And the ghost?

Momo would look cute compare to the ghost in the game.

The game lets you play 1 character for free to get the feel of the game. You first experience the game as a Filipino real estate agent who is given the Ermengarde Mansion with a co-worker who is also your friend.

Once you get to the mansion, your phone gets weird and you start getting scared, which is very relatable. The strange phone call leads you to a room that looks strange. Then you found a letter on the floor and it immediately creep you out.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Scared shitless, you decide to leave but when you lift your head from the letter, you see a pair of grotesque feet waiting for you.

Then you decide your fate.

This interactive adventure horror story is definitely on the top list for many many reasons. And since the game is free to play, test it out!

Just, make sure your heart is prepared for it.


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