Tips: Collecting Items, Parts, Cash, Gold

One thing I can be proud of as a gamer is when

I play a game without having to spend real life money. Buying in-game items is not a bad thing, it’s normal. But not everyone can afford buying game/cash items. And that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing too.

Since I’m currently playing Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital, I will be using this game to teach about being item-wise, or item-efficient in a game you are playing.

So here are my tips on getting Zombie Shooter’s items.


Yes, this is a key essential in any games. And it is more important in games that encourages you to pay for their items with cash. As a player, you can still enjoy the game without having to spend on the game.

But Code:Francis, how can you grind in simulation games?

You can grind dating games. It’s just not similar to how MMORPG games or FPS does things. Every game is different, and grinding comes in different ways. With simulation games like Mystic Messenger, you have to make sure and check your game a lot and wait for the spaceship that gives out freebie stuff. Then you have to constantly gain hourglasses from the characters in certain chat rooms. Then you have gacha games like Food Fantasy or Fire Emblem Heroes, where you also visit the game and grind those dailies, get and aim for rewards—you get it.

Grinding in Zombie Shooter is the same. You grind every stage multiple times and try to gain all 3 stars to get better Clear Rewards.

When you grind, it doesn’t just allow your to master the game, but it also gives you a way to collect gun parts, cash, and gold. Death Hospital has a very generous game so far (please stay being generous :’D) and it won’t take too long to get enough cash for bullets, and gain a new gun that will help in the harder levels.

Rewards & Ads

Best part about rewards in Death Hospital is that you can get twice the rewards per stage that you have cleared, 3 stars or not, they reward you for clearing the stage! And they better! With how hard the game is, it’s just appropriate to get proper rewards

Every Reward you get, you are given the choice to watch reward.


It doesn’t take too much of your time, and it’s worth it.

After watching the ads, you get another round on getting a reward, so you get more rewards!


Use Your Gold Wisely

Don’t just use it willy nilly.

In the game you use gold to get parts, items, and revive your character when you die in the game. DO NOT REVIVE YOURSELF. I know you finally got the 3-stars you wanted, but you can get it again, trust me. Instead, stock on those gold until you have 100 or more and use it to get weapon packages or item packages.

Horde those gold until you really need them!

Trust me, it’s way better than reviving yourself.

You can revive yourself, sure. But remember, you can use it with better things like the essentials.

So remember: Grind, Rewards & Ads, and Use Your Gold Wisely.

Once you do these things religiously, you’ll find it that playing doesn’t always mean spending money. Sometimes, you just have to be more item-wise with your stuff!

Here’s a quote from Nintendo’s very own Satoru Iwata to get you by.


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